Sunday, December 21, 2014

MGoBlog: Searchbits XXIV - Holding Pattern

Brian at MGoBlog has a helpful, hopeful update on the coaching search (LINK).

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What I've Been Reading

Sharp Objects  by Gillian Flynn. I swear I didn't jump on the Gone Girl  bandwagon once it was optioned as a Ben Affleck movie, but it did get me hooked on Gillian Flynn . . . sort of. Sharp Objects  was the author's first book, and it seems like a little bit of an amateur effort. I appreciate Flynn's wit, but I thought this was a little Chuck Palahniuk Lite. The protagonist, Camille Preaker, is a newspaper writer outside of Chicago when she hears of a serial killer in her Missouri hometown. She's dispatched to Wind Gap, MO (which is not a real place) to follow the story. While there she deals with her hateful, cruel, rich mother (a woman of the type that probably does not exist), her promiscuous 13-year-old half-sister, and the gossip-fueled women of Wind Gap. In what's seemingly supposed to be a believable murder mystery, the story is thrown off by the ridiculous mother, the ridiculous sister, and the ridiculous protagonist herself. I had a hard time getting entranced by the story involving self-mutilators, 13-year-olds getting gangbanged, and a 30-year-old professional reporter dropping acid with her 13-year-old sister.

Blink  by Malcolm Gladwell. I've been on a Malcom Gladwell kick for the last several months, and the only book of his I have yet to read is David and Goliath. Blink  talks about humans' abilities to "thin slice," which is taking small amounts of information and making quick decisions. Some of the chapters talk about Pepsi vs. Coke taste tests, police interactions with suspects (which I find relevant to the Michael Brown/Darren Wilson situation in Ferguson, MO), judging the authenticity of works of art, etc. One portion I found relevant was where Gladwell talks to a tennis coach who has an uncanny ability to judge whether a tennis player is about to double-fault. Even the coach himself couldn't explain what body movements during a serve would help him judge the player's serve accuracy, but he's almost always correct. I found that somewhat applicable to my job as a coach and, to a lesser extent, my "job" here as a fan, blogger, and recruiting fanatic. Of course, I wouldn't claim to be right the vast majority of the time, but sometimes there just appear to be body movements that are or are not conducive to being successful in sports.

The Magician's Land  by Lev Grossman. I have previously touted the books The Magicians  and The Magician King  by Grossman on this here blog, and The Magician's Land  is the third installment, which was released late this summer. I am such a fan that I pre-ordered the book. I have never done that for a book before. The trilogy started off with a kid named Quentin Coldwater, who was recruited to a Hogwart's-like school. Quentin isn't The Chosen One like Harry Potter, but he's a pretty good magician who finds himself in some hairy situations, including traveling to a Narnia-like universe. I can't really put my finger on what I like about this series so much, but each of the books has been a page-turner to me. This third part of the trilogy concentrates on Quentin trying to bring the love his life back from the dead, as well as the possible extinction of Fillory (a.k.a. Narnia). If you like fantasy stuff at all, I highly recommend this series.

Guardians of the Galaxy: The Complete Collection Volume 1  by Dan Abnett and Andy Lanning. Unlike with Gillian Flynn and Gone Girl, I totally was not interested in these comics until I saw the movie this summer. The movie was so fun and interesting to me that I wanted to get some of the background. While the comics aren't quite as interesting to me - let's just say Chris Pratt is more entertaining on screen than Star-Lord is on the page - I still found them enjoyable. Also, I can deal with Rocket Raccoon as a main character, but Cosmo the telepathic Russian space dog is too over the top for me. Maybe that's why they didn't include him in the movie. It's just too much to handle at once. You mean there's a dog that talks? And not only does it talk, but it has supernatural powers? And not only does it talk and have supernatural powers, but it inserts a "k" sound whenever there should be a "g" sound? Okay, that's too much. I'm going to need some time to process this. Let's just start off with the raccoon who seems to be a candidate for NRA president.

You can check out my past "What I've Been Reading" posts here (LINK).

Saturday, December 20, 2014

MLive: Jim Harbaugh has a little crazy in him, and so does Michigan

Nick Baumgardner makes a case for the re-connection of Jim Harbaugh and Michigan, since both are a little nuts (LINK).

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Friday, December 19, 2014

Welcome to the Weekend!

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Coaching Candidate Rumors

Jim Harbaugh
Brady Hoke's firing was publicly announced on December 2, so it has been 17 days since Michigan has had a head coach. Obviously, athletic director Jim Hackett is waiting on Jim Harbaugh, who declined comment about the Michigan job when asked on Thursday afternoon. News leaked - from one side or the other - that Harbaugh had been offered a 6-year, $48 million contract but Bruce Feldman says that figure is inaccurate (LINK).

Rumors persist that Oklahoma head coach Bob Stoops would be Michigan's #2 option, but he might be off the table because someone of his coaching stature would not want to play second fiddle to Harbaugh. I say there's no shame in being the backup to an NFL head coach who would potentially be coming back to his alma mater. That's not an insult to Stoops, but hey, the guy has won more championships than Harbaugh.

LSU head coach Les Miles told reporters off the record that he would not be coming to Michigan.

A lot of people have been saying that Mississippi State head coach Dan Mullen is not even being considered, but he has yet to sign a rumored contract extension with MSU. He may not be on Michigan's radar, but he seems like a guy who might be waiting for some dominoes to fall in the coaching world before he marries himself to the Bulldogs for too long (or for too big of a buyout).

Meanwhile, potential Plan C option Steve Addazio signed an extension with Boston College through 2020 (LINK). Another potential coach, Ohio State offensive coordinator Tom Herman, has been hired as Houston's head coach for five years and $6.75 million (LINK).

With Pitt head coach Paul Chryst taking the job at Wisconsin, the Panthers are now looking for a head coach. While they probably wouldn't be able to poach an established head coach, they may be able to snag an up-and-coming coordinator or head coach. Western Michigan head coach P.J. Fleck just signed a contract extension through 2020, but there are still guys like Greg Schiano, Tom Bradley (former Penn State defensive coordinator, current WVU assistant head coach) and Pat Narduzzi hanging around. I could see Schiano or Bradley taking the job, but Narduzzi seems to be holding out for something better than Pitt since he rebuffed UConn last year.

Thursday, December 18, 2014

MLive: Harbaugh takes losers and makes them winners

Nick Baumgardner talks to some of Jim Harbaugh's former players (LINK).

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2015 Scholarship Count

Players are listed in order of remaining eligibility.  With 16 seniors scheduled to graduate and 78 scholarships allotted, Michigan has room to add 7 more scholarship players to the 2015 class between now and February. The 2016 class is scheduled to be at least 16 players strong.


- Michael Ferns will transfer.

REDSHIRT SENIORS = 7 (Final season 2015)
QB Russell Bellomy
RB Justice Hayes
OL Graham Glasgow
OL Jack Miller
TE Keith Heitzman

LB Desmond Morgan
CB Blake Countess

FB Joe Kerridge

SENIORS = 9 (Final season = 2015)
FB Sione Houma
WR Dennis Norfleet
TE A.J. Williams
DE Mario Ojemudia
DT Ondre Pipkins
LB Joe Bolden
LB Royce Jenkins-Stone
LB James Ross

S Jarrod Wilson

REDSHIRT JUNIORS = 14 (Final season 2016)
RB Drake Johnson
OL Blake Bars

OL Ben Braden
OL Kyle Kalis
OL Erik Magnuson
WR Jehu Chesson

WR Amara Darboh

DE Matt Godin
DT Willie Henry
DE Tom Strobel
DE Chris Wormley
LB Allen Gant

CB Terry Richardson

S Jeremy Clark

QB Brian Cleary
FB Bobby Henderson
WR Bo Dever
TE Michael Jocz
OL Ben Pliska
DT Ryan Glasgow
LB Nick Benda
LB Mark Lawson
LB Dan Liesman
S Shaun Austin
S A.J. Pearson
P Kenny Allen

JUNIORS = 11 (Final season 2016)
QB Shane Morris
RB Derrick Green
RB DeVeon Smith
WR Da'Mario Jones
TE Jake Butt
DE Taco Charlton
LB Ben Gedeon
CB Jourdan Lewis
CB Channing Stribling
S Delano Hill
S Dymonte Thomas

RB Antonio Whitfield

REDSHIRT SOPHOMORES = 16 (Final season 2017)
RB Ty Isaac
FB Wyatt Shallman
WR Jaron Dukes
TE Khalid Hill
OL Kyle Bosch
OL David Dawson
OL Chris Fox
OL Patrick Kugler

OL Dan Samuelson
OL Logan Tuley-Tillman

DT Maurice Hurst, Jr.
DT Henry Poggi

LB Mike McCray
CB Reon Dawson
CB Ross Douglas
LS Scott Sypniewski

QB Garrett Moores
WR Blaise Stearns
WR Jack Wangler
OL Greg Froelich
DE Leon Johnson
DE Garrett Miller
LB Michael Wroblewski
CB Anthony Dalimonte
S Francois Montbrun

SOPHOMORES = 3 (Final season 2017)
WR Freddy Canteen
OL Mason Cole
DT Bryan Mone

REDSHIRT FRESHMEN = 12 (Final season 2018)
QB Wilton Speight
WR Drake Harris
WR Maurice Ways
TE Ian Bunting
OL Juwann Bushell-Beatty

DE Lawrence Marshall
DT Brady Pallante
LB Noah Furbush
LB Jared Wangler

LB Chase Winovich
CB Jabrill Peppers
S Brandon Watson
LB Alex Kaminski
LB Nick Volk
CB Matt Mitchell
S Joe Hewlett
K Kyle Seychel
LS Andrew Robinson

FRESHMEN = 6 (Final season 2018)
QB Alex Malzone
WR Brian Cole
OL Grant Newsome
OL Jon Runyan, Jr.
S Tyree Kinnel
K Andrew David